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2023 MCC Policy Priorities

Behavioral Health Care Access for Children in Foster Care and Adoption Subsidy

Children in foster care experience far higher rates of depression, trauma, and other behavioral health crises than their peers; LGBTQ+ children in foster care experience these at even higher rates. Access to timely, quality behavioral health care is essential.

Timely payments of claims are vital to keeping community organizations open and able to serve some of our most vulnerable Missourians.

Community-Based Care

Community-based organizations are the bedrock of prevention, reunification, supportive, and case management services for distressed families as well as children in foster care. Increased support and partnership are key to better outcomes for children and families.

Liability Insurance Premiums have doubled for some members and others have lost carriers even when they have been “claim-free.” We need sensible, affordable solutions.

Covering the Cost of Care Contracts must keep pace with the cost of living and the costs of caring for Missouri children and families.