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2024 MCC Policy Priorities

Health and Behavioral Health Care

Continuum of Care Issues-Youth are experiencing placement disruptions and untreated behavioral health issues due to systemic barriers to treatment and care.

  • Multiple and duplicative evaluation and authorization requirements resulting in delays in needed services (TFC, Residential, etc.)
  • IMD designation
  • Delays in payment and disputed payments
  • Reduction in bed availability
  • Youth with high acuity in offices or hospitals
  • Case management ratio (public sector?)

Behavioral Health Care Access Continue work to expand access for the right service at the right time for children in foster care and adoption subsidy. Increase integration of behavioral health access and prevention work.

  • Address behavioral health “deserts,” funding, hours of operation, transportation, childcare, cultural competency, and other access barriers to behavioral health services
  • Opioid Settlement-Advocate to develop spend plan to invest funds to help Missourians

Cost of Providing Care

Non-stop contract and regulatory changes, convoluted and cumbersome assessment and authorization processes, and inflation are all adding to the cost of caring for children and families.

  • Liability Insurance Costs
  • Regulatory and Contract Changes
  • Wages and Managing Workforce Shortages
  • Managed Care
  • Inflation

Community-Based Care and Prevention

Community-based organizations are the bedrock of prevention, reunification, and supportive services; they are trusted partners responsive to the communities they serve.

  • Support partnerships with community organizations
  • Expand availability of prevention dollars in communities and funding flexibility
  • Increase compensation to cover costs